About Us

Welcome to American School!

American School, founded by Dr. Doris Bello, opened its door in August 1977. Dr. Bello believed that everyone should have the opportunity of receiving an academic program conducted in English as the vernacular. Our school is among the late 20th century pioneers that have made education available to English native speakers and to near native speakers of the linguistic code.
We opened our doors to seven students with only two teachers on staff. After the first year we lacked the space needed to accommodate an enrollment of 80 students, because of the increase, a new facility, located in Santa Rosa Bayamon, was acquired. After a short period of time other moves were made in order to accommodate the growing student population. Today we are located in Hermanas Davila, Bayamon where our student body is made up of approximately 800 students, composed of many different ethnic groups. A diverse staff, dedicated administration and strong student body adds to the demanding intellectual culture that steers American School apart from its peers.

For over thirty years our school has served the city of Bayamon and its neighboring communities with a devoted commitment to advancing the academic and professional success of our students. Our excellent academic program has made it possible for our students to receive an education that works with today’s cutting edge of discoveries in science technology, communication and exploration. We are committed in preparing them to become globally productive professionals in their future careers to better service our society.

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