Mission and Objectives


The mission of American School is to teach students in English as a vernacular, using technology, and values that will enable them to pursue personal and professional careers.

This will ensure their contributions, as responsible citizens, to the communities in which they will be active and productive members.


  • Provide an education conducted in English as a vernacular.
  • Encourage the development of knowledge in different subject matters in English.
  • Encourage students to apply their knowledge to new situations.
  • Provide a varied and rich curriculum in all areas pertinent to meet different interests.
  • Maintain a faculty that is alert and conscious of all new educational changes.
  • Encourage high expectations in every student.
  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages democratic values.
  • Develop honest democratic citizenship qualities.
  • Promote the closeness of family and school that is necessary for a school to function.
  • Promote respect and appreciation for our culture, community and surroundings.
  • Awareness for our surroundings and appreciate their effects on us by getting involved in our community.