American School provides students in all grades with high-quality academic instruction. The curriculum at American School is broad in scope and very demanding.

From the outset, every effort is made to prepare students for college. As early as elementary school, students may be exposed to second and third languages, such as Italian and French.

The High School offers a series of college-preparatory courses and an Advanced Placement Program for those students seeking to graduate in three years rather than four. In addition, there is an accelerated program for students beginning late in the term.

All academic subjects focus on providing students with a broad-based perspective about the world around them to be able to compete globally. High School students have access to the Learning Media Center, an exploratory facility that interfaces with art, design, music, and French.

Students are also offered elective courses in computer science, art, music, health, physical education, drama, and dance. Homework section, after school program, Math, English, and Spanish labs are available at an additional cost.

Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten

Elementary School

Middle School

High School